2019 Impact Update

How you’re creating a community where all children thrive.


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Children received support to prepare them for success in school and life.


Parents received the tools they need to support their child’s health, happiness and education.


Teachers, child care providers and preschool teachers trained to support kindergarten readiness.

OUR VISION Our Path To 150
OUR OPPORTUNITY Making the Most of the Most Important Years
OUR STRATEGY Improving Access and Removing Obstacles

The Science

During the first five years of life, children are processing and retaining more information than they will at any other time through adulthood. In this period, 90 percent of brain growth occurs. It is critical that parents and teachers know how to support healthy brain development for children to thrive.

A Closer Look at Your Impact

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2019 Highlights

TFC Names New CEO Paula Neth to Carry on 140-year Legacy
Head Start Footprint Grows New Grant Serves KS Kids
Addressing Children's Mental Health New Funding and Partnership in Clay County