Supporting Children with ACEs

Child Care Centers Support Early Childhood Mental Health

TFC Partners with Child Care Centers to Support Traumatized Children

Funding from the Jackson County Community Children’s Service Fund, is allowing TFC to further partnerships with child care centers in Jackson County that serve a high percentage of children with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). TFC’s early childhood mental health (ECMH) professionals focus on mitigating the effects of trauma through the development of meaningful relationships with families and caregivers.

Project Support Includes:

  • ECMH staff working onsite at centers to model circle time activities, promote self-regulation and social-emotional skills.
  • ECMH consultation staff will utilize the Conscious Discipline (CD) approach to teach caregivers to strengthen their own social-emotional skills in order to to pass along these skills to the children in their care, and provide strategies to alter environments, routines and behaviors.
  • Parents are able to learn about child development by participating in CD parenting classes.

Funding will also support outpatient counseling at our Jackson County office. This will allow for a smooth referral for children and families served by the centers who may need additional mental health support.

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