Head Start Grant Renewed

The Family Conservancy (TFC) has been notified of the first installment of a grant award in the amount of $1,666,073 to continue providing Head Start services to children and families in Wyandotte County. The award represents a continuation of a grant awarded in 2019, which expanded on TFC’s existing Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships and enabled children to remain enrolled in Head Start through age 5. 

TFC’s Head Start services are administered through a unique community partnership model that reaches far beyond the children and families enrolled in Head Start. At most of the child care partner sites, only a fraction of the children in each classroom are enrolled in Head Start, but all children at the sites benefit from the improved environment and teaching practices that result from this investment.

“The first five years of a child’s life represent a critical and unrivaled period of growth and development. During this time they develop cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills that form the foundation for future learning. With this funding, we can continue our work to ensure those foundations are strong and stable for hundreds of Wyandotte County children,” commented TFC President and CEO Paula Neth. 

Head Start provides high-quality early education and comprehensive wrap-around services —  ensuring children are prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten. Through partnerships with nine Wyandotte County child care programs, this funding will serve 181 children.

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