Success Stories

Making a Difference for Kansas City Kids

Mia Finds Success as a New Parent

Mia shares her story about how The Family Conservancy provided parenting tools that helped her connect with her young son. When she faced setbacks, TFC served as a support system to help her nurture her son through traumatic events and the big feelings he was experiencing.

Child Care Scholarship Allows Family to Thrive

We encounter parents like Christina far too often. Striving for the best for their children, working long hours and often piecing together care for their children, but constantly worried the rug could be pulled out from under them at any moment.

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Talitha Becomes the Caregiver and Teacher She Always Wanted to Be

Working with The Family Conservancy, Talitha overcame a rough period in her life, tapping into her skills to become the caregiver, teacher and advocate she had always hoped to be.

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Jorge Learns to Love School

Jorge had been expelled from a number of child care program when his mother enrolled him in Head Start. Find out how a partnership between St. Mark Child Development Center and The Family Conservancy helped Jorge’s family.

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Maurice Prepares His Son for Success

When Maurice heard about The Family Conservancy’s home-based Head Start program, it seemed like an answer to his prayers, a perfect fit. They enrolled and quickly saw the value the program offered — it wasn’t just helping prepare their son for school, it equipped them to be even better parents and educators, and helped them work toward goals that strengthened their family.

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Overcoming Postpartum Depression

With the help of The Family Conservancy, LaMisha, a mother of two, overcame postpartum depression — learning she needed to nurture herself and prioritize her own self care in order to truly support her children.

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TFC Partners with Preschool to Prepare Children for Success

KidZone Learning Center began working with The Family Conservancy’s Early Head Start team almost two years ago. The partnership has resulted in an increased capacity and a higher quality of care.

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Parents Are Their Child’s Best First Teacher

The Family Conservancy provides parenting education to residents in two Kansas City, Kansas housing developments. Parents of young children come to classes where they learn techniques based in brain science and child development, and build better connections and nurturing relationships with their children — ensuring their children have a strong foundation for success.

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