Social Work Awareness Month Success Story

March 8, 2023

Social Work Awareness Month Success Story

Ana is a survivor of domestic violence, who was in an abusive relationship for about 30 years. During this time, she made multiple attempts to leave the relationship, but she wasn’t prepared just yet. Ana shares four children with her estranged husband, which is what she says kept her in the relationship for many years. Upon entering case management, Ana said that she was determined to leave the relationship, take control over her life and give her children a better life. After the first session, due to the information Ana provided about how her estranged husband physically abused their children, the case manager had to make a child abuse hotline report with DCF in Kansas. Ana worked and cooperated with DCF during the investigation.

During case management, Ana created a DV safety plan with resources and strategies in case of an emergency. She received many DV resources like, hotline phone numbers, emergency contacts and DV victim shelter information. Her case manager provided assistance and accompaniment with filing for a PFA against her husband and obtaining free legal assistance with Kansas Legal AID. This led to the advocacy Ana needed to file for divorce. Ana’s case manager accompanied her to the divorce hearings as well, providing the much needed support to help her through the process. Ana also received immigration resources and was able to apply for a U-Visa during her time in case management.

Due to the Domestic Violence trauma, Ana was referred by her case manager for mental health therapy at The Family Conservancy. She focused on self-healing as well as identifying ways to support her children in their healing from their traumatic experiences. She did so great, that after a few months she completed her therapy treatment.

At the start of case management services, Ana held three jobs in an effort to pay off a large debt she owed on her house mortgage. In six months of working the three jobs, she had paid off the debt. Ana’s Divorce was completed in August, 2020 and she kept the house they shared for many years and also custody of her children.

During a recent case management session, Ana requested to start a new service plan with the goal of focusing on herself. She identified the goal of wanting to go to college and study business so she can have better job opportunities.

During her time in case management, Ana has learned how to access numerous community resources, about her rights and she has learned to recognize her strengths and capabilities. Ana is a great example of how determination can lead to success when one decides to move forward.


Names and details may have been changed to protect the client.