Mother Overcomes Depression

Depression Awareness Success Story

Therapy Helps Mother Move Past Depression and Anxiety

Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Lilly’s father died. This was supposed to be a happy time, but she struggled with her father’s passing for several months. Her baby meant the world to her, and this was supposed to be an enjoyable time, but she was experiencing more feelings of depression than happiness.

Lily had stopped going out with friends and she was always angry, especially with her partner. She worried that something bad would happen to her children and that it was her sole responsibility to protect them. Lily felt trapped and unable to move forward.

At first, Lily focused on her anxiety. She was constantly feeling anxious and began to notice that her children were starting to mimic her behaviors. This worried her even more. Lily did not think she could work because she was so worried and unsure about leaving her children with someone else.

Lilly reached out the The Family Conservancy and began therapy. Lily used her time in therapy to talk about her goals outside the home, and what needed to happen for her to achieve them. She had always dreamed of becoming a physical therapist. She discussed the steps that would help her reach her goal with her therapist, and quickly took the first step by enrolling online classes.

After enrolling in college, she felt empowered to start making more changes at home. One of those changes was helping her children manage their feelings. Lily’s therapist talked about the importance of helping children relax and calm, and how that starts with the parent learning to calm herself and model this practice for the child.

Lily returned to counseling after a month of using her new skills and said that her daughter, Bethany, was “like a new child.” She said that when Bethany got upset, instead of yelling she would tell Lilly “I have to go do my breathing.” When Bethany had calmed down, she would return to her mother to talk about what had happened. Lilly was so happy to know that learning to calm herself down helped her teach Bethany to be calm during stressful situations. Lilly was shocked by how much of a difference these small changes had made for her and her family. She now feels that the connection between her and Bethany is the best it has ever been.

Lily feels that her time in therapy, and the skills she learned, have saved her relationship with her children. She now feels confident in her ability to care for her children. With an improved relationship with her children, decreased anxiety for herself and a concrete plan in place towards her education, Lily is thriving and creating a wonderful future for herself and her family.

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