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Supporting, Expanding and Sustaining In-home Child Care in the Kansas City Metro

Are you considering opening a child care business in your home? Do you already run an in-home child care program? Our Family Child Care Network offers start-up support, licensing assistance, professional development, mentorship, networking and much more. We’re here to help in-home child care businesses thrive.

We partner with All Our Kin, a national leader that trains, supports and sustains family child care providers.

We Need Family Child Care

Family or in-home child care offers many valuable qualities, like mixed groups, flexibility for parents with non-traditional schedules, and a tight-knit community where children and parents for a close bond with their caregiver.

Unfortunately, this critical piece of our child care market is in decline. According to the Office of Child Care, the number of licensed in-home programs fell by 48 percent between 2005 and 2017.

Professional Development and Quality Improvement
Start-up and Licensing Support
Networking and Mentorship

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