Childhood Mental Health Expands in the Northland

TFC Grows Early Childhood Mental Health Services


The first five years of life mark the most important period in human development. During this period, children develop foundational skills, including critical social-emotional abilities like controlling emotions and managing relationships. 

With support from the Clay County Community Children’s Service Fund, The Family Conservancy (TFC) will expand it’s early childhood mental health work in the Northland by partnering with all six school districts in the county. 

The expansion will build on work that began last year when TFC was awarded funds resulting from a Clay County sales tax established in 2017. In 2019, TFC partnered with North Kansas City School District, where 152 preschool teachers learned how traumatic events impact and impede child development, and developed trauma-informed approaches to build resilience. 

Under the expansion, the project will continue to focus on mitigating the effects of trauma through the development of meaningful relationships with families and caregivers.

“Early educators are often tasked with helping children build resilience and overcome psychological traumas, a task they are often ill-equipped for. As a result, in Missouri, one out of every 10 preschool-aged children has been expelled from a child care program. This new funding will equip parents and educators with the skills they need to promote healthy social-emotional development and mitigate the impact of psychological trauma,” commented The Family Conservancy President and CEO, Paula Neth.

To take advantage of the amazing opportunities that exist early in life, young children need high-quality early childhood education and healthy, resilient families. Through this new project, nearly 4,500 Clay County children will build resilience and develop skills that will prepare them for success in school and life.

Learn more about TFC’s early childhood mental health services.