Exploring Your Impact

The Family Conservancy’s Impact

Exploring Your Impact

From TFC President and CEO Paula Neth

Each year, your generosity enables children to reap the rewards of high-quality early education and helps families become the nurturing, stable presence children need. In simple terms, by supporting TFC, you’re creating environments that reinforce optimal child development — you’re building healthy brains.

In the first quarter of each year, we publish the number of individuals who were impacted by your generosity. We’re proud to report that in 2020, despite a pandemic, your generosity allowed 82,922 individuals to receive life-changing services.

And we can’t do it without each of you; I am grateful to all of you for your steadfast support.

Here’s how: The Big Picture

  • 68,108 were prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten
  • 8,530 teachers learned to make the most of the time they spend with children by supporting child development
  • 5,110 families  learned to be their child’s first teacher
  • 1,174 individuals received mental health counseling to address trauma, depression and improve family functioning

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A closer look: The Human Impact

During this pandemic I have seen our teams rally around our clients and the families in our community, coming together to support their basic needs. With your support, we’ve been able to serve as a connector with our child care providers and partners – across city, county and state lines – to help them navigate a world they had never imagined. We kept the pulse on open and closed child care sites, and worked with our partners to support providers who were caring for the children of frontline workers.

Here are a few of the amazing success you made possible:

  • Eighteen-month-old Michael has made amazing progress since enrolling in child care six months ago. His mother was worried that he hadn’t said his first word. Now he is speaking in simple sentences. After seeing his amazing progress, Michael’s mother has engaged with his teacher and implemented several of her suggestions to support his growth at home.
  • Ana, a survivor of domestic violence, who was in an abusive relationship for 30 years. While participating in case management services, Ana held three jobs in an effort to pay off a significant debt and save her family’s home from foreclosure. Ana’s divorce was completed this past summer and she received full custody of her children. During a recent case management session, Ana requested to start a new service plan with the goal of focusing on herself. She identified the goal of wanting to go to college and study business so she can have better job opportunities.
  • Christina, a mother and early educator, striving to do what’s best for her children, working long hours and often piecing together child care for her children, but constantly worried the rug could be pulled out from under her at any moment. Christina found stability thanks to supplemental child care funding from TFC.
  • Tina, a teacher in a two-year-old classroom in Kansas City, Kansas, received her CDA (child development credential) and thus qualified to receive salary supplement from TFC.

Some of the names in this article have been changed.

The Return on Your Investment

We consider you an investor in this human impact, and we hold ourselves accountable to providing unparalleled return on your investment by creating a community where all children are thriving.

With your support, we’re maximizing opportunity by preparing children for success, improving child care programs and strengthening families — so all children grow up in supportive, happy homes and have access to child care that supports physical health, cognitive development and nurtures social-emotional skills.

Thank you for improving the lives of families in Kansas City.