Claire’s Story

Early Intervention Paves the Way for Success

Empowering Families: Early Intervention Paves the Way for Success

Claire came to Angels of Grace child care center with significant developmental delays. As the coach assigned to Claire’s classroom, TFC’s Ayesha Usman was tasked with reviewing Claire’s results and assisting her teacher and the support staff in developing strategies to address her delays.

In early coaching sessions with Claire’s teacher, Ayesha focused on strategies to address Claire’s most significant delays. One of the first strategies was to introduce a supportive toy walker to help improve her mobility and learn to walk. As Claire’s attachment grew with her teacher and the assistant director, they soon learned that she would follow their voices. They began to let her move with her walker down the hall, calling “where are you going Claire?” She would laugh and giggle and would get more excited about walking.

With consistent encouragement, Claire quickly reached important milestones. In a few short months, she was not only walking but making significant gains in gross motor abilities and was able to participate in most of the classroom activities. As Claire advanced and began to catch up with her peers, Ayesha continued working with her teachers to set goals that would address Claire’s developmental progress and interest level.

Now, Claire is blossoming in the 3-and 4-year-old room. Her recent developmental screening report demonstrates that she is functioning at the same skill level as her peers. Thanks to these early interventions, Claire is back on track for success and taking full advantage of the most important period of human development.