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Become an Early Education and Child Care Trainer

Are you interested in training early care and education professionals in the
Kansas City metro? Whether you’re an experienced trainer or interested in
becoming one, our Trainer Network has a wealth of resources to help you
realize your goals.

  • Access large and small-group train-the-trainers sessions, podcast/book
    clubs, and more.
  • Learn about contract training opportunities that fit your passion and interest.
    The Family Conservancy pays contract trainers $150 per clock hour of
  • Connect and network with trainers who share similar interests and

Learn about Child Care Training Opportunities

Have you trained your own staff and are looking to bring that same information to others in your community? Are you interested in some extra money or a way to share your passion with others? Becoming a community trainer might be the right for you.

The Family Conservancy frequently works with contract trainers to offer early education and child care training to the community and individual child care centers. We tailor what trainings we provide to meet the providers in our area and the passion and interests of the trainers.

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