Director’s Leadership Academy 1

The Family Conservancy Director Leadership Academy was designed by the request of early education directors. It serves those who are currently a director, assistant director, other administrator or those who have a desire to be a director or leader in the field of early childhood. The Academy provides leadership skills training and focuses on ways to become a more effective leader to meet the needs of the program, as well as of the staff, children and families entrusted in their care. Class topics include: Communication, team building, ethics, leadership traits, behaviors/characteristics of working with adults, advocacy, mentoring, coping with change, budgets, supporting families, employment practices, and other leadership concerns. All programs will participate in a pre/post assessment using the Programs Administration Scale (PAS), will receive their own copies of the PAS book, and will use their pre-assessment results to set goals for the course of the project. In addition, each participant will receive virtual follow-up coaching during the project.

Because slots are limited for the Director’s Leadership Academy, it is very important that you commit to attending and engaging in the complete series.


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