Parenting Classes Help Mary’s Family Find Their Footing

February 28, 2024

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids Success Story

Coming to the United States had its challenges but the difficulties to learn and survive in the culture was unexpectedly harder than anticipated. Trying to get help for survival needs, housing, and work was indeed a struggle. My family are Christians and we were supported by other Christian families. 

I was told that there was a program to help my family. I was pregnant and had a young child; my husband recently found a part time job, but I needed support. I came to the class as a visitor and was welcomed without a lot of questions. I was informed of the process to become an active participant. The developmental assessments were a challenge. The first statement made that I will always remember which took some time to receive and understand was parenting takes quality time. Ms. Sabrina would start the classes with a question What is our parenting theme? I couldn’t remember at first, but when I got it, I got it. All the information she gave out and demonstrated took a whole lot of time to practice with my daughter and then all the newborn breastfeeding techniques for my son.

Time passed and I had a third child. More assessments to complete, now for three children. My comfort became when Ms. Sabrina would tailor her support from the information she received from my assessments. She took extra time to come to the home when I struggled with breastfeeding and keeping the other children busy. My husband was glad for the support and he attended the Dads classes during the months he was out of work. During those times Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids Program provided the assistance with rent, utilities, diapers and wipes, extra toys for the children and a listening ear. 

My husband and I are so grateful for the support from this program. I am now working part time, the youngest is potty trained and attends school. This program prepared us to survive, develop a work mindset from the many ways we learned to interact and set boundaries on the children with loving patience. We thank The Family Conservancy for a great comprehensive program facilitated by a good person.