New Calculation Could Limit Access

Changes to Federal Poverty Level Calculation Proposed

As Child Care Costs Rise, Families’ Ability to Qualify for Support Could Sink

Proposed changes to the way the poverty threshold is established could result in cuts to federal aid to millions of low-income Americans. That means, fewer families and individuals would meet the qualification for programs like Head Start and child care assistance.

With the current poverty level at $25,900 (for a 4-person family), care for just one infant – for full-time, center-based infant care (annual care estimated at $16,649 in Missouri), is well over half the family’s income.

Since there is already more demand than availability for child care programs, lowering the threshold for qualification would exacerbate an existing challenge —  limited access to high-quality child care, especially for working families with low incomes.

The proposed change in the federal poverty threshold would be a detriment to the healthy development and stability of young children and their families.

A family’s income shouldn’t determine a child’s opportunity to make the most of the immense opportunities that exist during the first five years of life.

Take action today (before 6/21/19) by telling the OMB you oppose these changes.