2020 Annual Report

The Family Conservancy Annual Report

Letter from CEO Paula Neth
Theory of Change
Combatting COVID
Together, our work positively impacted:

children were prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten.


teachers learned to make the most of the time they spend with children by supporting child development.


parents learned to be their child’s teacher, and to provide the care children need to be happy and healthy.


individuals received mental health counseling to address trauma, depression and improve family functioning

Impact Area Updates


We don’t think it will work, we KNOW it will.

The amount of information an individual is able to process and retain is greatest during the first five years of life, when 90 percent of brain growth occurs.

2020 Highlights


The State of Child Care
To create awareness of the essential role child care plays in our community, The Family Conservancy delivered yard signs to every metro-area provider.
New Vice President of Innovation and Programs
Funding Will Address Mental Health Needs in Jackson County
When Child Care Works



Government Contracts   $9,587,920
Grants   $2,813,996
United Way   $1,230,025
Service Fees   $433,357
Contributions / Events   $341,233
Investments   $318,178

Total   $14,724,709


Programs & Services   $12,137,108
General & Administrative   $1,057,279
Development   $646,674
Community Awareness   $120,626

Total   $13,742,627

Children’s Services

Family Support