Brent Stewart

2018 Betsy Vander Velde Award Recipient

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Brent Stewart 2018 Betsy Vander Velde Award Recipient

Brent Stewart has built a distinguished career by understanding and living by one important truth: “We achieve more working together than we achieve apart.” It means embracing a servant leader mindset, losing the focus on who gets the credit, and gaining strategic clarity on creating value in the lives of community members. It is a worldview that has taken him from humble beginnings to the position of President and CEO of United Way of Greater Kansas City.

His collaborative, solution-driven approach has been pivotal in the turnaround of four nonprofit organizations, the development of innovative programs, the early adoption of emerging technology, the empowerment of teams and individuals to achieve their potential, and the unprecedented harmonization of diverse stakeholders toward a common strategic goal.

As President and CEO, Brent led the successful integration of four regional United Way operations into a cohesive and respected organization with a unified commitment to community impact.

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